Simple Route


Reduce planning time by 90%.

Reduce Fuel and Labour Costs By 30%

Finally, a simple way to optimize routes with one-click.

Plan out routes for drivers so they can spend more time doing work and less time driving.

Ditch The Paperwork

Remove physical paperwork from your daily operations.

Drivers receive all important details on their mobile device. Appointment details, digital signature, picture uploads, and custom fields make it easy to digitize all your company's admin work.

Powerful alone. Better as one.

Routible offers the tools needed to operate your mobile fleet with efficiency. Alone they are powerful - but when used together, they make things easy.

Optimize Routes

Optimize routes in seconds and dispatch appointments to drivers automatically.

GPS Tracking

Monitor driver trip history, time on job site and current location with Geotab's GPS tracking

Custom Fields

Increase productivity by creating custom fields specific to your company's requirements.

Digital Signature

Collect proof of service with a digital signature.

Picture Uploads

Attach pictures to each appointment visit.

Track Payroll Hours

Seemlessly track travel times, on-the-site times and payroll hours all in one place

Monitor Drivers In Real Time

Routible provides a bird's-eye view of your entire fleet and appointments.

Account for every minute that your drivers are out in the field to maximize productivity. Monitor everything from drive time to time on site with Geotab’s integrated trip history data.

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