How To Create A Local Delivery Startup

How To Create A Local Delivery Startup

In this post, I describe the simple way to start a local delivery business.

  1. Get your first customers: Test different ads for delivery services you can offer to your customers.  You can try putting ads on Craigslist, Facebook, Social media, Google Ads or any local website where people are looking for delivery services.
  2. Iterate: keep testing different marketing methods and delivery services until people are knocking down your door and are willing to pay
  3. Deliver to customers: Once you find a delivery niche and people are willing to pay you, do the first few deliveries yourself
  4. Start scaling delivery orders: Once you have more deliveries than you can currently handle, create a WuFoo form to accept payments and orders automatically online
  5. Scale using route optimization software: Implement an off the shelf delivery software that offers dispatching and route optimization to optimize routes and dispatch appointments to drivers
  6. Customize your software: As your delivery service grows, add features to the off the shelf dispatching solution if they have an API
  7. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize: Continually optimize the business to lower delivery times and costs.

Some Tips On Picking Your Delivery Niche

  • If you live in a small city, you can offer delivery services common in larger cities.
  • If you live in a bigger city, you can try offering delivery services that are niche
  • The idea is to avoid competition (Competition is for losers By Peter Thiel)
  • Offer a delivery service that customers want but there is little or no competition.