How To Enable Customers To Book Your Service Online

Creating a way for your customers to request your services online is easier than you think and requires no coding.

  1. Create A Form: Use an existing system to create a form such as Google Forms or WuFoo
  2. Customize: Use one of these solutions and customize them to the information you need to collect, WuFoo can even take payments.
  3. Embed the form: Add the form to your website by copy and pasting the embed code.
  4. Download Requests: Export the list of service requests.
  5. Import Excel File Into Software: Import your list of appointments into a dispatching software if you are using on.  (optional)

In a few short steps, you will have created a form that enables your customers to request a service online and pre-pay you.
I want to emphasize that you do not have to code, it is expensive and takes too long.  Use the existing technology that works out of the box and focus on getting customers and making them happy.  The customer doesn’t care if you custom built your software.  The customer just wants the process to request and receive service to be as painless as possible.
Focus on getting new customers and making the current ones happy with your service.  Avoid doing any unnecessary coding, it’s expensive and time consuming.   Technology has advanced to the point where there are ready made building blocks that you can repurpose to use immediately in your business.  This allows you to get up and running, offering a better customer experience for little or no cost.