Get Started With Routible

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SuperAdmin user:

  1. You will receive a welcome email from Routible.
  2. Setting a password in Routible is only needed if you are not using MyGeotab.
  3. Access Routible via MyGeotab utilizing your MyGeotab credentials.
  4. Click on Routible V3.0 on the side menu within MyGeotab
  5. Follow the Initial Setup Wizard
  6. Add Groups
  7. Add Users
  8. Add Job Types

Initial Setup

  1. Fill out company details
  2. Define company hours
  3. Define default appointment length
  4. Enable custom appointment length
  5. Select preferred time format (12 hour or 24 hour format)
  6. Define time slots for morning, afternoon, evening.
  7. Select default language and timezone
  8. Add New Groups
  9. Add New Users
  10. Add New Job Types
  11. Enable Modules