Guide On Using The Routible Web Application

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Using The Routible Web App

Getting Started With The Web App

  1. You will receive a welcome email from Routible.
  2. Setting a password in Routible is only needed if you are not using MyGeotab.
  3. Access Routible via MyGeotab utilizing your MyGeotab credentials.
  4. Click on Routible V3.0 on the side menu within MyGeotab

Calendar View

Creating An Appointment

A. Specific time for specific user

  1. Double click on ‘open time slot for driver’
  2. Fill out customer information
  3. Add jobs (optional)
  4. Add notes (optional)
  5. Lock appointment (optional)

Note: Locking an appointment will prevent appointment from being edited by the routing engine and drag & dropping.

B. Queued Appointment

  1. Click on queue
  2. Select: Morning, Afternoon, or Evening
  3. Click +Add
  4. Fill out customer information
  5. Add jobs (optional)
  6. Add notes (optional)


Note: Time slots must be configured by SuperAdmin users

Appointments can be locked in two ways:

  1. Manually-by clicking on the ‘locked’ icon at the top right of the appointment.
  2. Automatically-by setting lock-in period in Module Settings->Routing (By SuperAdmin user)

Map View

The map will display:

  1. Live location drivers
  2. Appointment locations and detail

Live Location Of Drivers

  • Clicking on a driver will enable you to see how long driver has been stopped or driving as well as the current speed
  • Drivers in motion will have a halo around their vehicle

Appointment Locations

  • On the map, you will see different colored pins with appointment times on them
  • Each pin color coordinates with the same color driver that is assigned the job
  • Clicking on appointment pins shows appointment details
  • Completed appointments will appear more transparent



  • Click on filters to display only the data you want to see


  • Show appointments by specific time or order in which jobs are scheduled
  • Show appointments or hide appointments
  • Show drivers or hide drivers
  • Show zones or hide zones
  • Show times by time slot (ie: morning, afternoon, evening)
  • Show specific appointments by status (ie: scheduled, in progress, completed, cancelled, out of office)



  • Display one group at a time
  • Show all groups at once

Note: Depending on your user permissions, you may have access to your home group.


  • Displays drivers within the group filters chosen
  • Allows you to further filter and see specific drivers

Note: Filters can be used to filter Groups and Drivers on the Calendar view also.