Routible FAQs

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How do I see a demo of the software?
Fill out the form on our website or email us.

Can your system import data?

We have an appointment import function that enables companies to import appointments into the software.

Are you going to build feature X, Y, and Z?

We are continually developing new features according to our company roadmap. We often add features to our roadmap based on many requests from several clients.

Is there on-going support?

We are available Monday To Friday 10am to 6pm EST via email at support@routible.com

Does your mobile app work on iOS and Android phones?
Yes, we support recent model iOS and Android phones.  

Do users in MyGeotab automatically get created in Routible?
No, Routible is a separate software and requires that you create new users within Routible.

Is your mobile app separate from Geotab Drive?
Yes, our mobile app is separate from Geotab Drive

Which geographical areas does your software support?
We support most regions worldwide including: North America, South America, or Europe.  Ask if we support your specific region if you are located in Asia, Africa, or any other region.

Does your software support my language?
Currently, we support: English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin.
We are capable of supporting any language requested.

Do you take feature requests?

Feel free to request features.  We have a roadmap that we follow but often take a poll from many customers and develop features that are high in demand.

How much does your solution cost?
Please contact your reseller directly for pricing, if you do not have a reseller, please email us at sales@routible.com

How long does the training take?

We typically train managers and dispatchers for 1 hour to familiarize them with the software.  Drivers typically do not need to be trained as the mobile app is intuitive.

What web browser is required to use the software?

Latest version of Chrome.  

Do you integrate with X, Y, or Z?

Ask us if we integrate with a specific platform you are using.

Where is your End User Agreement and Privacy Policy?

The most recent version can be found on our website.

What do I do if I find a potential bug in the software?

Send as an email to support@routible.com immediately with steps to reproduce and screenshots if possible.