In 1979 Dominoes provided a guarantee of a fresh hot pizza within 30 minutes or it’s free. 40 years later, we have come along way with Uber, Skip the Dishes, and many other on demand services. But, we are extremely behind on offering 1 hour deliveries for the simplest items such as Ikea furniture, pharmacy deliveries, and Home Depot items. With the technology available, there is no way that any of these companies should not have a one hour delivery option. It’s embarrassing to think that 40 years ago pizza was delivered within 30 minutes. There were no smart phones, no handheld Google Maps, Waze, or any sophisticated software that was going to dispatch drivers. Yet they figured it out.

We have the technology, the people want the service, what’s the hold up? Big companies have way too much red tape and can’t get things done efficiently. They continue to do the same things they’ve always done and that’s a shame. The graveyard is littered with companies that were once prosperous but dragged their heels while the future was being built.

Netflix annihilated the movie rental business and we all benefit from it. Kodak completely dropped the ball when it came to digital cameras. The future was being built right in front of their eyes, they had money, they had time, they had infrastructure, but they didn’t have a chance in hell of surviving. It’s likely there were too many well paying salaries, too much pension, too many layers of management to get through to prevent their downfall.

The #onehourchallenge is a warning to all companies that provide goods and services to step your game up or go the way of the dodo bird. Any company that provides home deliveries or services should work towards providing a minimum service one hour.

If a customer orders a shed from Home Depot or Lowes, figure out a way for that shed to get delivered within 60 minutes or less. This is not rocket science, customers want things right now and big companies are leaving space for the underdog to bury them.

Large drug store chains need to offer a 60 minute delivery option at a minimum. People don’t need to be driving to a 7 Eleven at 1am in the morning to purchase Tylenol when they are sick. If I can order a Shawarma at 2am in the morning, I should also be able to order some damn Tylenol and NyQuil when I’m sick as a dog. It’s logistically possible to deliver within 15 minutes in most major metropolitan cities as there are drug stores on every block.

If a customer orders a bed from Ikea, there is no reason it should take 24 to 48 hours to deliver the bed. Anyone moving into a home should be able to have all their furniture delivered within one hour or at least the same day. .

Purolator, Fedex, and UPS, start thinking about how to use independent drivers to deliver your packages for the last mile. Remove the red tape from your companies or the innovators are going to come take your throne.

Start innovating Fortune 500 or you’re going to be amongst the Fallen 500. Get rid of the executives that don’t want to make any sudden changes for fear of looking bad. Innovate now or die.