Route Planning Made Simple

There are several route planning solutions on the market, some more complicated than others. The goal of each route planning solution is the same: reduce drive time between stops.
By reducing drive time, a company can significantly reduce labor and fuel costs.  Every company that has drivers doing several stops per day can benefit from the cost savings of route optimization.
The simplest way to optimize a route would be to:

  1. Add appointments to be routed
  2. Specify driver(s) availability
  3. Use route optimization software to do the rest

More complicated use cases involve additional variables including:

  • driver skill sets
  • capacity planning
  • appointment priority
  • pickup/drop off
  • and more

Route optimization software is useful for any mobile fleet and companies should take advantage of the technology to stay ahead of their competitors.  Reducing fuel and labor costs by over 30% can make a huge impact on company profitability.