The On Demand Future

Uber, Uber, Uber.

Uber started something that we need to take note of. They took the latest technology, added some code, and changed the way we live our lives. Rather than compete with Uber for the ride space, we need other entrepreneurs to extend the on demand economy. There is a lot of work left to do and a lot of problems to be solved. Uber’s business has provided the framework for what is possible and the people have voted with their dollars.

People want things fast, on demand, and at affordable prices. Making delivery and transportation faster and cheaper is going to win a lot of hearts. We need a ton of entrepreneurs to take on demand niches to make our world more efficient. Amazon is doing great things with Amazon Prime to deliver our online purchases as fast as possible. This seems to be getting better with time. I believe Amazon will be able to offer same hour delivery at some point, which makes the world that much better.

The on demand future won’t just hit us in the face, we need to build it. The more innovators we have on deck to help build it out, the faster we will get there. Think about all the industries that could benefit from on demand delivery, it’s limitless. Hospitals need lab tests sent to the lab faster. Construction companies need building materials sent to the job site to avoid workers waiting around. Lawyers need their paperwork couriered immediately from one office to the next. Imagine getting any item delivered to you in 60 minutes or less. We went crazy when pizza was able to offer 30 minutes or less. What about ordering items from IKEA, Home Depot, any store in the web universe and getting it in 60 minutes or less. That would be incredible. We already have the technology, we just need to apply it to each industry.

We are looking for innovators to help us build out the on demand economy one industry at a time. Someone said it’s easier to create that future than to predict it. We second that.