How To Test Your Uber For X Idea

Since Uber was introduced to the universe, there has been countless attempts at creating the next Uber for X.  When an idea hits, the market goes crazy and the company becomes a unicorn.  Look at Instacart and DoorDash.  They delivery food and groceries on demand, saving customers precious time from having to pickup their own food.
The market determines if the Uber for X idea adds value and votes with their dollars.
Testing an Uber for X idea doesn’t have to cost a lot. Before you write one line of code or raise money, you need to see if there is a demand for your service.
Can you get customers that are willing to pay you for the service?
On demand cannabis delivery, furniture delivery, dog walking are some examples that come to mind for Uber for X ideas.
Testing Your Uber For X Idea

  1. Put ads online: Google, social media, craigslist, try to sell to friends and family.
  2. Create a simple Google/WuFoo form where people can sign up for your service and pay.
  3. If you can’t get customers, test different marketing ideas.
  4. If you still can’t get customers, test another Uber for X idea.

When you do get your first paying customers, provide the service without having an elaborate software setup and routing algorithm, it’s not needed at this point.
When you are getting overwhelmed with with paying customers requesting your service, now is the time to think about implementing technology to help you scale the idea.
Now you could develop software and try to raise money, but this may take a while. There is an easier way. Rather than develop software, use an off the shelf solution that can optimize driver routes and dispatch appointments to drivers on their mobile device.
The software may not be custom to your specific use case, but it will allow you to service customers more efficiently, NOW.
The market doesn’t care what is happening in the background, they want the service, and they want it now.  In the background, you can start adding features to the existing out of the box solution.
Routible is one tool that can be used by on demand startups to optimize routes and dispatch appointments to drivers without having to develop software and raise money.
Watch how Door Dash got started.